Cycling IN the world  

Cycling IN the world


We are Jim & Sandra Mullaney. In February 2011, we to quit our jobs, left our comfortable home in Perth, Western Australia and embarked on a 12 month cycling and camping tour around Europe. We used to think we wanted to cycle AROUND the world. Then we realised we would be happy just cycling IN the world. It was a fantastic trip and far exceeded our expectations. So much so that we are doing it again!!! In September 2013, we fly to Hanoi, Vietnam and begin our Amazing Asian Adventure.

We have set up this website and blog as a reminder to us of all the highlights (and lowlights) of our trips. We also hope it might inspire others to listen to their hearts.

For us, even making the decision to follow our dreams wasn't easy. It took a lot for us to commit to these trips. We have been helped along the way by reading the journals of others who have gone before us. People like Tara & TylerGary & Rose, Julie & Thomas and dear Laura Roberts have been an inspiration to us and we hope to pay it forward. Let's face it - if 2 old farts like us can do it, you probably can too!!!

At the very top left of this page (you may have to scroll up to see it) are links to our blog, a social agreggator page (with links to our facebook, twitter and flickr feeds) and a page of our current favourite photographs. It is our hope to keep them up to date when we hit the road, (Internet connections permitting). 

If you do stop by, please leave a short (or a long) message on our guestbook and feel free to contact us by email, facebook, twitter, or carrier pigeon. We'd love to meet up with like-minded souls on our adventure. At present, we are busy getting all our gear together and planning our route.


Jim & Sandra

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